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Frequently Asked Questions - Franchise

How much money do I need to become an ALOHA partner?

The investment needed varies depending on your country of exclusivity, as the business potential will also differ vastly. From an initial investment perspective, the amount you will need ranges from 70.000 € to 180.000€. For further information, please request our Investment & Fees overview.

How much is your master franchise fee?

Our initial Master franchise fee is calculated considering the development potential of the country of exclusivity and It ranges from 12.000€ to 90.000€.  Our partners are given payment facilities and they have access to bank finance through our cooperation agreements. For more details, please request our Investment & Fees overview.

Do I need to have a background in education?

While that can prove quite valuable, it is certainly not a requirement for becoming an ALOHA master franchisee although you need to have a university education background and some kind of business experience.

Additionally, what is very important is that you have a passion for working with children, and you believe in the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic methodology.

What are the qualifications I need to meet to become an ALOHA franchisee?

If you have a four-year degree, have prior business experience and enjoy working with children, please continue reading.

Here are the qualifications you must meet to be considered for a master franchise opportunity.

  • The required capital needed to establish and promote the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program within your country of exclusivity.
  • The ability to create and manage a team that effectively spread the program in the country.
  • A good understanding of the area and strong ties to the country.
  • A passion for and dedication to educating children. Even though you might not be the one directly teaching students.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Is there a master franchise opportunity in my area?

Our presence across Europe currently includes several countries. We are committed to continuing this growth. To find out if there is an opportunity to run your own master franchise in your area, simple check our delegations.

What is the application and approval process?

The path to becoming an ALOHA master franchisee starts when you submit your application. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

  • You will begin by completing and submitting your application
  • One of our managers from the European Network support will contact you to conduct and initial interview where we can help you better understand the ALOHA program and answer any additional questions you might have.
  • Some administrative steps come next:

- Signature of the non-disclosure document.
- Receiving and carefully reviewing our master franchise disclosure document.
- Draft of the business plan.
- Review of the business plan draft with one of our managers.

  • Once all those steps are successfully achieved, you can receive final approval and an invitation to participate in a meeting with the management board to discuss your business idea.
  • If your business idea is approved we will sign our Master Franchise agreement and welcome you to the ALOHA family
  • Once signature is completed, you will be invited to participate in our master franchisee training program.
What is the training about?

As part of the Master Franchise package ALOHA provides our Master Franchisees with training and support in the following areas:

  • The delivery model—The Master Franchisee will be provided with the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic technical training as it should be taught by the future sub-franchisees to the student. That is, the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic know-how.
  • The franchise model– The tools required to help you select, train and develop your franchisees and network.
  • Know-How – An intensive period of training is delivered in Spain with classroom and practical training sessions at the ALOHA Europe head office and Training academy.
  • Marketing tools – Sales and marketing material as long as guidance when designing the marketing strategy.
How will I work with ALOHA, and how will you support my master franchise?

For over 25 years, thousands of business entrepreneurs have trusted in ALOHA Mental Arithmetic as the leader cognitive development service franchise, and one of the world’s top global franchises, because we are committed to providing our owners with the training, resources and support to help them thrive.

As per the training, you will have the opportunity to attend not only initial but also continuous training sessions, meetings and seminars where to share insights and experiences with other ALOHA members.

Regarding the resources, our master franchisees have access to all the didactic and promotional material through a database continually reviewed and updated. Additionally, both internal communications and customer communications are produced to help you disseminate the brand news.

Finally, although the business is yours, you will never be alone since our staff takes an active role in supporting you in both the administration of the program and the brand development throughout the country.

How much can I earn as the owner of an ALOHA franchise?

Since each master franchise is an independent entrepreneur and, consequently, does not report its total income to us, we cannot provide a hard number. However, as part of your application process, you will be asked to draft a business plan that can assist you in projecting your revenues and expenses.

How can I get more detailed information?

For more information, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with ALOHA by contacting or calling our European network support hotline

How do I get started?

If you would like to replicate the incredible success of ALOHA in your own country and would like further information or to arrange and informal conversation, then please contact or call our European network support hotline +34 971220970.